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There is a range of different adaptive mountain bikes out there. Some have three wheels, some have four. Some can be pedaled by your arms, some by your feets. Some have throttle operated motor, some have electric assist and some completely rely on gravity. Common to all; they are made to take you oft the road, on to the trails and into the woods and mountains. They will all provide you with fantastic nature experiences and a lot of  fun!!! 

This list is probably not complete, but it is a list of the adaptive mountain bikes we are aware of on the commercial marked. We have tried to only include bikes with full suspension. You might argue that some of the bikes on this list is not a bike. We are open for discussion! Please contact us if you know about an adaptive mountain bike not on this list. They are listet in alphabetical order. 


ATH-FS – Lasher Sport

“The ATH-FS is a rugged full suspension magnesium frame handcycle with Fox Shox shock absorbers on all three wheels. It is specifically designed for off road adventures with a patented front fork shock design that provides a smooth ride even in the most demanding terrain”

Boma 7 – Magic Mobility LTD

“Put a quad bike, ATV, a mountain bike and a go-cart in a blender and the result would be the Boma 7”

Bomber – ReActive Adaptations

“With reinforced tubing joints in areas of high stress throughout the frame, the Bomber RS has been built to withstand even the toughest tests on the trail, in the backcountry and yet stay lightweight and agile. The Bomber’s rear suspension provides improved ride quality, downhill speed control and improved traction uphill”

Bowhead Reach – Bowhead Corp

“Speeding down mountains, flying over jumps, and ZERO trail adaptations required – just get on your Reach and rip!  It can take you places you’ve never been, or to places you yearn to reach again”

Bucket Bike

This is not a bike you can by off the shelf. You need to buy a regular bike and put a bucket seat on it. Sitski seats are often used. Famous rider Martyn Ashton was the first one to do this back in 2015. See the video from his first MTB ride after his spinal cord injury here. “Read more” to find a guide about how to build a bucket bike..

mtb adapt bucket bike

Cimgo – Tessier

“A tandem downhill wheelchair for those who can’t ride independently. At the rear of the Cimgo, standing into skates, the pilot who followed a special training is in perfect position to face any hazard. He steers the front wheels using the inclinable handlebar. On the front, the passenger is comfortably installed in a bucket seat”

Exoquad – EXOTEK

Exoquad by EXOTEK is an all terrain, 4 wheeldrive adaptive mountainbike made for extreme accessability. The Exoquad is super strong, compact, lightweight with great range and will take you places you had never thought possible.The bike will be available from late autumn 2021. For additional information or pre orders contact us at: sigurd@exoquad.no

Explorer III – Sport-On Handcycles

“The Explorer III Off-Road Handcycle is a unique handcycle designed to tackle extreme off-road conditions and provide unparalleled opportunities to get up close and personal with places that until now have been inaccessable”

Full Fat – ICE

If the Full Fat can make it to the South Pole it can take virtually anything you can throw at it. An expedition-tough trike, originally designed for record-setting, the Full Fat combines durability, reliability and specialist features for conquering the most challenging terrain. 

Hammerhead – ReActive Adaptations

“The Hammerhead has been built to withstand even the toughest tests on the trail and in the backcountry and yet stay lightweight and agile. The Hammerhead’s front and rear suspension provides improved ride quality, downhill speed control and improved traction uphill” 

Jeetrike – Sport-On Handcycles

“JEETRIKE Off-Road Handcycle, has an upright seating position, rear wheel drive, full independent suspension on all three wheels and manual or electric drive option to choose. It is suitable for nearly all persons with different type of disability, including the people with quadriplegia.”

Nuke – ReActive Adaptations

“The NUKE Off Road Recumbent handcycle is a unique, capable, rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle with rear suspension.  Traction and hill climbing with a rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle are second to none.  The Nuke was developed for riders not able to or not interested in riding in the prone position (kneeling, face down)”

Scorpion fs Enduro – HP Velotechnik

“Automotive Chassis Suspension for an Impressive Off-Road Experience. The amazing combination guarantees ultimate riding- fun on rugged paths and has electrified not only trike fans”

Stinger – ReActive Adaptations

“Meet the Stinger. The only of its kind on the market, this three-wheeled foot-pedaled recumbent is an actual off-road demon. With 26-inch wheels capped in the meanest knobbies, the Stinger has the ground clearance and traction enough to conquer any rocky, root-filled trail in your back yard or the mountains” 

Ti-FlyX – AZUB

“Full suspension combined with 26″ wheels. That’s what makes our Ti-FLY X a unique machine calling for long rides that will soon become extreme. And it doesn’t really matter what you call extreme – it may be the distance cycled on a paved road, the roughness of terrain or the amount of endorphin that you produce during the ride”

Quadrix Axess Touch – Mont Blanc Mobility


Quadrix Hand’s – Mont Blanc Mobility

“An all-terrain wheelchair designed for ski slopes! Take a chair lift, a ski lift or a cable car with the HAND’S all-terrain wheelchair and ride down the paths and the slopes of your favourite ski resort”

Quadrix Ibex e3- Mont Blanc Mobility

“Versatile, sports-oriented all-terrain wheelchair. Take the IBEX out for a test drive and you’ll discover a versatile all-terrain wheelchair, ideal for energetic downhill riding, competitions and trekking”

Quadrix Watts e3 – Mont Blanc Mobility

“With the WATT’S silent, powerful motorisation, you can enjoy your favourite outings all year round, on your own or with friends, on quiet paths or on mountain trails”

Wildcat – ReActive Adaptations

“The Wildcat kid handcycle is a super adjustable off road handcycle designed to ride off the beaten path. The Wildcat comes with vertical crankset adjustment and seat back fore/aft/angular adjustments”