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There is a lot happening in Geilo at the moments regarding mountain biking. The 2021 summer season 3 new trail with lift access opened. There is also possible to ride without using a lift at Vestlia Bike Park and “Bever´n” on the other side of the river. Watch this movie for a small teaser of the new flow trail.

Trails with lift access

Geilo now has 3 trail with access by a chair lift. If you have electrical assist it is also possible to follow a gravel road to the top of the lift. The first 200 meters are pretty steep but after that part you end up on a road most regular cars can use.

“Flow Motion” is their brand new (2021) flow trail. It is 4km long and rated blue. It´s a true flow trail with a lot of berms as you ride down. There is no rock gardens or drops. Just pure flow. This trail should be good for most adaptive mountain bikes as long as you have speed enough through the berms. Some bike turns over quite easy so if you have one of those just keep the speed through the berms/turns. My bike (Quadrix-4 wheeler) had no problem.

“Anaconda” is an old trail from 2011 that got a facelift in 2021. It is rated red but I would say it is more blue to red or red minus. It has many rollers and small jumps that you easily can avoid jumping on if you slow down. The trail is 1,1km long.

 “Gold digger” is a machine built trail from 2015 that got a facelift in 2021. It´s rated red, but it´s not extremely steep and technical for beeing red so it´s good for adaptive bikes as well. It is wide enough for an adaptive bike and there is only one drop that can be a little hard to ride for an adaptive rider. It has one section that is quite steep thought so do not ride it without any experience. It is 1km long.

Vestlia Bike Park

Vestlia Bike Park is a part of Geilo Rides (Geilo Bike Park). Vestlia Bike Park is close to Vestlia Resort (hotel). The park is situated next to the beautiful lake “Ustedalsfjorden” so you will get some amazing views while riding these trails. So fare there is a pump track, some jump lines and three trails at this bike park. You need no lift to access these trails.

«Røyskatten» is next to the jump lines and is a 0,7 km long blue rated trail. It is quite narrow so you can’t keep full speed all the way through, but it is accesible for most adaptive mountain bikes.

Fossekallen” is  wider than «Røyskatten» and is an excellent adaptive trail with beautiful views. The trail is rated green and is 0,7km long. 

Skruffen” is a beautiful and funny 0,7 km long blue rated trail. It is wide enough for adaptive bikes, but it sometimes feels a little narrow. Especially at those section the terrain is quite steep on one side. The biggest problem for many adaptive mountain bikers riding this trail is some really steep turns. If your bikes turning radius is not the best you might need some help turning your bike around. 


This trail is not situated at Vestlia Bike Park. Bever’n is situated on the other side of the river close to the biathlon arena. It is 0,5 km long and is rated blue. Like “Skruffen” it’s a really fun trail with many steep turns. Many adaptive bikes will struggle with these turns. With my Quadrix I could make some of these turns only if I did it perfectly. Bring a support rider the first time you try this one or be prepared for some struggle through a few turns… 

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