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Join us 2-4 July in Trysil/Norway to try out adaptive mountain biking. We will provide bikes and skilled adaptive mountain bikers will teach you how to mountain bike. This course is open for everyone that wants to test adaptive mountain biking. It doesn’t matter if you already own your own bike or not. 

The admission fee for this course is 500,-kr. If you bring a walking friend/spouse/family and need a double room, the admission fee is 1000,- kr (500×2). Hotell, breakfast and dinner on Saturday and instruction is included in the the fee. We will stay at Radisson Blu Resort.

Our bike park and budget is limited so we can only include 10 people in this course (plus friends, instructors and helpers). That does NOT mean you can’t join us if you are not admitted to this course. If you have your own bike, book your own room at Radisson, write us a mail and you can join us for riding and dinner on Saturday. We really want to see the whole adaptive mountain bike community there that weekend!!! Please join us!!


Our hotel is located next to Gullia bike park. The skilift that will take you to top of Magic Moose is also really close to the hotel. Gullia is a trail park with no lifts and is fantastic for adaptive mountain bikes. Magic Moose is a 7km float trail that will take you from the top of the skilift down to the hotel. If you don’t like taking the lift it is also possible to bike along a gravel road to reach Magic Moose  (electric motor/assist is HIGHLY recommended). Read more about biking in Trysil here.


These adaptive mountain bikes will be available to try out:

Lasher FS

Ice Fatbike
Quadrix Ibex
(if prototype is finished)

The instructors also has their own bikes that it’s possible to take for a short ride if you are especially interested in these bikes. It’s the Quadrix Watts and the Bowhead. Please let us know in your admission mail. 

We can not promise you the same bike the whole weekend. There might be several people wanting to try the same bike. But don’t worry, we promise a weekend packed with fun and a lot of bike riding. 

Unfortunately we only have one bike at the moment for those who sit while doing the pedaling with their feets. The only bikes adapted to tetraplegics (people with reduced hand function) is unfortunately private bikes. But write us an email and we will see if we can sort this out somehow. 


To admit your self to this course please write an email to mtbadapt@gmail.com
You need to provide the following information because we need to match participants and our available bikes. 

– Name and age
– Single room or double room?
– Do you have your own bike?
– Your functional level

Info about functional level should answer questions like: Do you have reduced hand function? Do you have full upper body strength in trunk? Your spinal cord injury level or your diagnosis.

Admission deadline is 5th May (05.05. 21).


– Helmet (must have)
– Sunglasses (recommended)
– Bike gloves (nice to have)
– Sports clothes 
– Wind jacket 
– Rain jacket/trousers in case of rain. 

If you bring your own bike please remember to bring spare tubes in case of flat tire!!


This adaptive mountain bike weekend is financed by Stiftelsen DAM. The Norwegian Spinal Cord Injury Association (LARS Innlandet) is organizing it together with Mountain Bike Adapt and the Norwegian Cycle Federation. Hjelpemiddelspesialisten, CNX og Exotek is providing us with adapted bikes.


This is the group of people that will be there to instruct you, guide you, help you in the trails and the skilift. In addition to these, 4 walking riders will be there to assist you during the day. Two guys from the local mountain bike club will also join us.


Gunhild Bottolfsen – Camp Organizer

Camp organizer, instructor and a happy mountain biker who bought her first adaptive mountain bike in 2011. Gunhild works as a peer consultant at Sunnaas Hospital (SCI rehabilitation) and is also the founder of Mountain Bike Adapt. Gunhild has reduced hand function and has a bike with especially adapted brakes. Gunhild rides a rebuild Quadrix Watts.


Lars Arne Eilerås – Instructor

Lars is a devoted mountain biker who got his mountain bike in 2017. He knows his way around in Trysil and has attended the two previous camps we arranged there. Lars has reduced hand function and has a bike with especially adapted brakes. Lars rides a rebuild Quadrix Watts with 4WD. 


Sigurd Groven – Instructor

Sigurd is a bike manic and has tried and owned a wide range of adapted mountain bikes. This guy knows everything about adaptive bikes. He is also the cofounder of Exotek, a company that are building a new all terrain 4WD mountain bike called EXOQuad. This bike will hopefully hit the marked later this year. Sigurd rides the Bowhead. 


Lars Arne Eriksen – Instructor

Lars Arne is a guy that knows a lot about building bikes (I mean a LOT). He has build several motor bikes and trikes and also adapted the Lasher FS to a huge range of disabilities. He imports the Lasher FS to Norway so if you want this bike he is the guy to talk to. Lars Arne also works as a peer consultant at the Spinal Cord Injury clinic in Trondheim. 


Thomas Andersen – Instructor

Thomas is a skilled mountain biker and an experienced camp mentor from Konsberg. He started riding a four wheeled bike back in 2015. Thomas rides a rebuild Quadrix Watts, and he knows the trails of Trysil Bike Arena like a local.


Jason Dyck – Norwegian cycling federation

Jason works for The Norwegian Cycling Federation, and he is responsible for the para athletes. Jason will provide us with a lot of knowledge about biking and he will also be there to help you out while riding.


Markus Hwan Tørå Hagli – Sports educator

Markus is a dedicated enduro mountain biker on two wheels who LOVES biking. He works as a sports educator at Sunnaas Hospital (a spinal cord rehabilitation hospital). He will be around to guide and help you out while riding.


Mattias Storvestre – Mechanic

Mattias will be our camp mechanic. He is a wissard when it comes to bikes, electric motors, batteries, brakes (the list is long). Together with Sigurd he is the cofounder of Exotek. He has already rebuild a lot of adaptive mountain bikes. He will support our bike park during this weekend. 

See you in Trysil!!!